Rules & Procedures


  • Boys to play off white tees
  • Girls to play off red tees
  • 6 player teams – all matches to be played with course handicaps, in handicap order, lowest handicap first
  • Matches to be played in 2 ball format
  • 2 points for a win, 1 point for a halve.

Caddies – only junior team members and club juniors will be allowed as caddies. Relatives and JLOs must not caddy.

Dress code is set in accordance with the rules at the club hosting the match.

Meals after games – not mandatory, to be agreed between JLOs when agreeing matches.

Any issues/disputes should be referred to the junior league contacts at NUGC (Michael Wilson, Simon Coultas, Phi Ridden or Graham Forrest).



Please see 2023 fixtures As agreed, dates can be altered to suit clubs.

NB. The hard deadline for matches to be played is Sunday 14 August. The result of any matches not played by this date will be determined by NUGC.


Age limit

Players must be under 18 years old on 31 December 2022.



All players to receive full course handicap (i.e. handicap index multiplied by slope rating of either white or red tee).

Shots are worked out based on difference between the 2 course handicaps with no maximum allowance.

Girls will also receive courtesy shots based on difference between the par of the white and red tees. This will be added to the number of shots they receive in their match NOT taken on the hole(s) where the difference in par is.

NB. In Boy v Girl matches, shots are taken using the stroke index relevant to the person receiving the shots.

Example: John v Sarah – John’s course handicap is 9.
Sarah’s course handicap is 16.
Par for white tee is 71.
Par for red tee is 73.
Sarah receives 9 shots in match using stroke indexes 1-9 on red tees.

We encourage all JLO’s to make sure juniors are submitting regular qualifying scores to make sure their handicap is as up to date as possible.


Reporting games

The home team will send the match result to Simon Coultas and cc Michael Wilson within 2 days of the match being played. Please cc the opposition JLO.

Please provide:

  • Date of match
  • Home team, away team
  • Player name, handicap index and course handicap
  • Game result
  • Overall match result.

League Policy

Protection of Children

  1. The league recognises the need for children protection and its duty of care to all children playing in League organised competitions.
  2. It is a condition of membership of the League that all Clubs recognise their duties towards children in golf and have systems in place, along with documentary evidence to support such systems.
  3. In League matches, Representative Matches and League Open Day Competitions, the Home Club must provide a risk assessment appertaining to the Golf Course Facility in use on that date.
  4. The Golf Club Management and Liaison Officers must provide documentation for each player, recording medication taken, current illnesses or allergies, together with emergency contact names and telephone numbers along with parental consent forms.
  5. The Northumbria Junior Golf League will not use any Golf Course Facility that does not have adequate systems in place for the protection of children in golf.


Any questions or clarifications about this policy should be addressed to one of the following League officials: